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Coolmorph plastic process heated and cooled

What is Coolmorph™
Coolmorph™ is a new thermoplastic polymer which melts at 42°C and consists of small off-white plastic granules. By heating these granules in warm water (usually from a hot tap or similar) the user can easily melt the pellets to form a transparent flexible material. Once melted the opaque white pellets fuse together, become transparent and soften, allowing the user to form the plastic by hand into unique shapes, easily and at a comfortable temperature.
Coolmorph™ is completely re-usable, allowing it to become flexible again once heated above 42°C, at which point it will revert back to a mouldable condition, allowing it to be re-formed into a different shape or product. Coolmorph™ is completely biodegradable in soil conditions and is 100% non-toxic. It can be coloured using our powder paint additives or painted when hardened.

Coolmorph™ was specifically developed following the rapidly growing success of Polymorph (a higher melting point version of Coolmorph™ ) and we have been given the unique opportunity to trade in this material exclusively. Coolmorph™ was specifically designed with a low melting point to become the market leading hand-mouldable plastic.

How do I use Coolmorph™ ?
  • Simply heat the pellets in water to over 42°C (water from a hot tap typically). 
  • Leave the pellets to melt in the water until they turn transparent.
  • Remove the pellets from the water and mould by hand (add colour at this stage if required)
  • Allow the Coolmorph™ to cool until solid.
  • Re-heat if further moulding is required.

What can I use Coolmorph™ for?
Coolmorph™ has unlimited uses, from prototyping new products, creating gadgets and toys to replacement parts and general DIY repairs. Coolmorph™ appeals to almost everyone and it's low melting point makes it easier and safer to use than ever before, allowing your imagination to create new and impressive products and gadgets, or for simply messing around with. Coolmorph™ can be used by kids from the age of 6yrs+ if supervised by an adult. Adding colour to Coolmorph™ or painting finished products allows an even more impressive range of shapes and ideas to be created.

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Coolmorph™ Promotional Video
Coolmorph plastic quick demonstration

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